Steampunk Sisters - jewelry and accessories made from recycled goods
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Featured Steampunk jewelry and accessories from Steampunk Sisters

About Us

We are Donna Myrick and Diane Kovach - The SteamPunk Sisters. We have been creating jewelry designs for over 12 years now and decided that we needed to do our part in recycling, renewing and reusing. . . .

And we fell in love with the look of SteamPunk - Jewelry, accessories and clothing.

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SteamPunk is...

the simplicity and romance of the past coupled with the hope, promise and sheer super coolness of futuristic design.

A mix of Steam power, Industrial revolution, Victorian and Edwardian era, Romance, Dirigibles, Cogs & Gears , Antique Pocket watches, with a twist of the works of H.G. Wells and Jules Verne.

We enjoy the creative process of our practical and attractive designs and know that you will too. REMEMBER - we create every design in our Atlanta, GA studios, combining our years of knowledge inthe jewelry and glass bead industry.We just know that you will appreciate the thought, planning and design that goes into every piece. . . Treasures that you will cherish. . .